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Kesi Steven

Author, Writer & Creative


Checkout my latest interview with The British Blacklist!

'The key to the journey of life is to seek the knowledge of those who have experienced life before us. Our elders have passed down many wise words and teachings throughout time and history.

The time has come for us to listen intently, rather than try to figure things out on our own'. 

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A Guide to Life

African Proverbs Made Relevant Today

Release date: 27/04/2021

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Behind the Author

Kesi Steven is a British-born Caribbean woman, raised in a home where she was taught that she can be, and achieve anything her heart desires. This freedom has allowed her to explore, create, and become the free thinking and speaking woman she is today. Kesi is passionate about many things from creative writing, art & design, filmmaking, afrocentrism, spiritualism, storytelling, and has a natural gift for bringing what she desires into reality. 

Kesi created her first written piece in 2019 for Black history month called  ‘Mirror Mirror on the wall- who’s that Black girl standing tall’. A message for not only herself but the Black community as a whole to learn, and understand the power of loving yourself for who you are and the importance of learning our true history.This written piece caused an awakening and unlocked Kesi’s true passion for writing; specifically storytelling,  words of wisdom, advice and healing. Leading her to create her first book ‘A Guide to Life’, which  incorporates the same message from her previous works of self love, healing, the power of being black, knowing our history, and learning from those that came before us.


'Let this book be a reminder that anything is possible when you first believe in yourself, a reminder that God has provided you with all you need to be successful in life.'

-Kesi Steven

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