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My Services:


Script Proofreading and Narrative Feedback:

Writing a script can be daunting task, and sometimes we stress ourselves out overthinking if the story is good, if it makes sense, if it will be successful.

That's why I will proof read your script, and provide edits/feedback on the narrative, characters, plot points, and overall tone of the story.

Short Film: £50

Long form: £75


Story Development

Before you even think of writing your script, you have to ensure you have completed all your development work! Doing this successfully makes it so much easier to write.

I will help you flesh out your story, create character profiles,  story timeline, beats, and help you create a solid framework to write.

£55 for 3, 1 hour sessions online.

In person rates differ please fill out form below to discuss.


Vision Board 

I offer a personalised service to help individuals map out their aspirations for the year ahead, whether in personal development, career advancement, or specific projects. Through visualisation, mindfulness, SMART targets and manifestation techniques, clients clarify their goals and create a visual representation of their dreams.

Your vision board can either be digital or physical, all resources provided.

Sessions are priced at £75 for a duration of 1 to 3 hours, in-person or online. 

I also run weekly filmmaking sessions for under 21s in Brixton, if you are interested please fill out the form below!

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